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What's the difference between a Wedding Planner and a Wedding Coordinator

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We get asked all the time what the difference is between a “wedding planner” and a “wedding coordinator”. We offer both services. 

A full-service wedding planner that is with you throughout the majority of your wedding planning process will take on the role of a wedding coordinator on the day of your wedding. You can consider our wedding planner your new best friend. We have no other job but to make sure your wedding is exactly what you want it to be (so pretty much the most amazing best friend ever). When you choose to hire us to PLAN then we assist you with choosing everything from a wedding venue to wedding florists, caterer, furniture rentals, invitations, and more. We offer a vast amount of knowledge and insight into the best vendors in your area to bring your wedding vision to life.

A wedding coordinator is pretty much a gift from the gods on your wedding day. We are behind the curtain, making sure that your wedding day goes as smoothly as possible so you don’t have to worry about ANYTHING. You have already chosen the perfect wedding venue, caterer, florist, or other design details, but we will take all the hard work and research you’ve done and turn those plans into reality. Depending on the coordination package you choose, we meet before your wedding to go over your wedding timeline, guest count, venue details, and more. We  make sure the tables are set on time, the guests are seated in the right spot, the ceremony starts and ends on time, things are packed up and sent back to the vendors and that everything is running as smoothly as possible.

Wedding Coordinator Packages


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Wedding Day Management is wedding coordination that's designed for couples who need assistance during the last three months of their wedding planning (the busiest time). Our wedding planner, wedding coordinator will assist you in completing the design that compliments your vision & budget and create the timelines to ensure everything runs smoothly. 

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This wedding coordination package includes coverage for the entire month leading up to your wedding day. Imagine a spell check for your wedding, our wedding planner helps ensure that there are no unwanted surprises that could happen on your big day. Our wedding coordinator will also assist you in tying up loose ends, yet to be finalized with vendors and more.

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You have the ceremony covered so this wedding coordination package includes day of wedding coordination services for those couples who need a wedding planner, wedding coordinator  to ensure things run smoothly at the reception. 

(Services begin 30 days prior to the event date.)

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The Wedding Ceremony Coordination package is designed for the couple who has everything planned and just needs a little help down the aisle. Our wedding planner will create the ceremony order, seating arrangements and guide the vendors on your big day. 

(Services begin 30 days prior to the event date.)

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